Why God allows for Bad People to Succeed

These days I have been pondering on the bad things we see all around us  done by some people we know and even those we do not know.  I asked myself why God allows such things to happen. A number of questions came to mind and I thought it would be beneficial to address it in this blog. Please note that this article differs slightly from the article ‘Supporting the ungodly leader’ that I posted recently, which however addresses a similar phenomenon.

Allow me to outline a few of the typical questions that I had. Why is it that the evil person gets a promotion? Why does the rude and bad president remain in power? Why do false religions grow at such an unbelievable pace? Why is it that the bad person keeps getting favors from authorities? Why is it that even when others try to expose corruption by some leaders but the corrupt guys still get away with it? We could even reverse the question and say ‘Why does God allow good things to happen to bad people’. This could be worrying to the upright person that shuns all unclean practices. Some good people may even give up living the upright life and join the bad just so they also attain their desired success in a quicker way.

The Christian way to find answers is to such questions is by reading the Word (Bible) and getting guidance from the Holy Spirit. This is the way, and the only way, we can read the mind of God on how He fares with such people. I address this essential requirement for whoever wants to know God better in the article ‘The Required Cutting Edge Gospel of Jesus Christ’. In my search in the Bible, I have these three points to share:

  1. I quickly got comfort in discovering that indeed it is God that allows it to happen. In the book of Judge 9, we learn of Abimelech who devised unclean schemes to become the king of the nation of Shechem. His achievement of being king was short lived as he reigned for only three years and was then killed by a woman.
  2. God also allows the bad people to enjoy the good things because He hopes they will realise that He is a merciful God. The righteous, or the believer, should therefore not be jealous of this but pray for the bad to realise their mistake and make right with God (Psalm 37:1). The righteous is also encouraged to exhort the sinner – tell the truth and not be ashamed (2 Timothy 4:2).
  3. I also know that the devil likes it when people think that they are smart, good enough and strong to get the good things on their own, without the help of God. The devil will work hard to make the person believe that he or she received the gifts from God without even praying about it. It is true that the devil has some gifts to give to his followers.  You may find the page divine revelations resourceful in unveiling the schemes of the devil.

It is also important for the believer to know that the Christian life is not designed to be luxurious one in this world. This is because God’s ways are often demanding when on the side there are easily accessible short cuts. Never envy the success of an evil person (Proverbs 3:31, Psalm 37:1).

You are welcome to express your views in the comments window below.

Revised: 23/9/2018

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  2. Sorry to go off topic but I must tell you about this ‘find’.I love clicking this beautiful bible candle flame, and it gives me an answer to every question I have, from a Biblical perspective. Love it, just wanted to share. It is called ‘word of fire’ you can get it on schoolkid.org

  3. Juancarlos says:

    . People will folllow [and be geduid by] spiritual leaders who understand God’s agenda and who know how to help to move them onto it. As my former Divisional leaders, you both demonstrated grace, and visionally leadership which revealed God’s purposes God’s way .It is a joy to welcome you to your new roles, confident that you will build further enlarge and further strenthen our Triune God’s kingdom!!! With my warmest regards God Bless you both! LynnJ

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