The Required Cutting Edge Gospel of Jesus Christ

Cutting Edge Christianity
Cutting Edge Christianity

I know that the Church require the cutting edge Gospel of Jesus Christ at all times. There is not a second in life that a Christian should live outside the requirements of the cutting edge Christianity. It is not expected to be a comfortable agenda and if you preach this message you risk becoming unpopular. However, the truth must be told.

I view cutting edge Christianity as a balanced Spiritual situation that sustains a comfortable and peaceful sensation between the person and God. Indicators of an imbalance are visible when a person rejects the message of the Bible as well as the message of the Spirit. It could either be the rejection of messages from the Holy Spirit or the recorded Word of God, which is the Bible, or both. I know Christians, or those that claim to be, that immediately puts away a book that details operations in the spiritual realm. Such people would reject reports such as those given by Bill Wiese, Angelica, Jenifer Pirez, Emmanuel Eni and Marry Bexter.  I also know others that declare the Bible out-dated and therefore not worth spending time on. These have left the cutting edge Gospel of Jesus Christ and therefore their Christian life is not balanced. The cutting edge Christianity fully apply both the message of the Holy Spirit and the Word (The Bible).

I have been drawn to the attention of Jesus’ Christ baptism as a symbol of the required balance between the Word of God and the Spirit by the article ‘Cutting Edge Christianity’. Matthew 3: 16 – 17 detail this incident. The Spirit of God descended on Him and the Word declared the Status of Jesus in God’s eyes.

Brethren must read the Word of God to know what He has to say. Similarly, they must open their Spiritual ears and eyes. This totally completes the armour of God detailed in the book of Ephesians (6:10 – 18). Believe me, practicing what the Word says is a lifelong assignment and the Holy Spirit will not stop talking to individuals that let Him all their life on earth. The life of a Christian is fulfilling yet full of requirements to live by.

A Christian that focuses too much on the Word and forget about the message of the Spirit is at risk of legalism and narrowness, a lack of imagination and dryness. A Christian that focuses on the Spirit and ignore the Word of God risks failing or having difficulty in discerning that which is from God and that which is from the devil (Simon Burton – Jones).

To assume the cutting edge Christian life, when the Spirit tells you to stop whatever you are doing and start reading the Word, pray or fast, or anything, you must do. If the Holy Spirit cannot bank on you to preach, exhort, or do any move whenever He instructs you, you still have to work at impressing Him. Pursuing the cutting edge Christianity is unfortunately a lifelong assignment as already mentioned.

Why then should we keep trying something that we cannot perfect in us? The answer is simple, God knows a heart that truly seeks Him, a life that does all in its effort to impress God, a heart that does not stay in sin, a heart that listens to His commandments.  A life that lets God’s will prevail at all times. That the kind of life God wants and expects from those that profess being Christians.

To the sceptic, no explanation will satisfy but to the believer, this will an inspiration.

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