God does not hear you if you are a sinner – John 9:31


Sinners cannot be neard by God
God never hear sinners

It is true that God does not hear you if you are a sinner, no matter how loud or the method you use in an attempt to talk to Him. It sounds rude but it is true. If you go to your Bible and check John 9: 31, you will find this fact spelled out in black and white. According to this verse, God only hear prayers from people that keep His commandments.

It is however very confusing to hear people confess having had their prayers answered while they openly confess that they are sinners. Then a few questions come to mind; did the positive response come from God or the devil or its simple a fortune? Can it be the devil that provides good gifts? Does the Word of God ever lie? All these are relevant questions that got me worried enough to sit down and study this phenomenon to come up with the answer I’m giving in this post.

The book of James 1:17 tells us that all good gifts come from God. It is true that nothing good ever comes from the devil and therefore whatever is good that a sinner receives comes from God not because He heard their prayers but that He is a gracious God to give freely or the devil provided stolen good gifts from believers. How is it possible that the devil give good gifts? I could have asked the same question too but an answer is provided by John Mulinde when he shared a testimony on how he confirmed with the Lord that gifts from heaven are stolen by demons. You can see his testimony at



People must understand that in the World, God shares His gifts generously such that He even sends rain to the unjust (Matthew 5:45). This is because God’s presence dwells in this world. That is why we have fresh air to breath, the sun to shine by day, vegetation, and many more other free gifts that we often take for granted. As a matter of fact, these gifts do not exist where God does not dwell. In hell for example, people suffer the lack of God’s presence and that of saints and therefore none of the good gifts exist in hell. According to Bill Wiese, a preacher that had been taken on a vision by Jesus Christ, in hell it is even a struggle to gasp for a single breath.


John Malinde, the brother that shared a testimony on how devils steal good gifts for non-believers, tells a story of a young man that had been delivered from the powers of Satan. This man shared his testimony in the presence of many pastors. He said, “I appeal to you, pastors. Please teach the people how to pray.” The people who don’t pray, can be taken in anything, in anything by the devil, and there are ways that the enemy exploits their lives and their prayers. The enemy knows even how to exploit their prayers of those people who don’t know how to pray. “Teach the people how to use the spiritual armour that God provides.”


According the testimony, Christians that pray for good gifts but give up before they receive these gifts loose them to the devil. The devil then takes these gifts and gives them freely to non-believers. Why does the devil do this? He knows that non-believers will strongly believe that God still give them gifts while they are not believers. This is a strategy that the devil uses to keep people away from God. To the non-believer, it makes no sense abandoning sin if they can still get good gifts from God. I already suspect that many non-believers that have read this far strongly believe that I’m judgemental and totally wrong in my statement. That is exactly what the devil wants. He wants people to believe that they receive good gifts without being Christians.

Can God, by chance, give the gifts to the non-believer? Even though I strongly believe that God never contradicts Himself, I do believe that He never consults whenever He wants to favour whoever He chooses. I must agree that God’s ways are higher than man’s ways and therefore He can do some things beyond human comprehension. However, whatever commandment He puts applies to both sinners and believers alike. In God’s sight we are all the same because God never shows any favouritism to anyone.

To the believer that has been praying for good gifts and never receives them, they see the non-believer enjoying the good gifts and get discouraged. I’m tempted to believe that this is one reason believers turn to witches, fortune tellers and magicians because they appear capable of giving the good gifts. The problem with believers is that they cease praying, and when they do, the devil gets a chance to steal the gifts. The Holy Bible warn Christians from giving up on prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Remember the scriptures that say ‘the enemy does not come for anything but to steal’ (John 10:10) and know that what I just told you is true – the devil give good gifts to sinners but these gifts are stolen.

To the sceptic, no explanation will satisfy but to the believer, this content will be an eye opener and confirmation to God’s declaration that His people die from lack of knowledge. Thank you for reading and please leave me a comment or even a question on the questions page.

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    Thank you so much for being used by God to speak His word with simplicity and clearity.. God Bless you

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