The Motivation Christians Need to Push Christ’s Agenda



I have learnt that Christian living needs continuous motivation to remain at the standard acceptable to God. It is true that Christian living never reaches a limit but an effort towards holiness is all that matters. Human nature requires continuous reminders and motivators. I know this from myself. At one point I know I’m so empowered to forgo sleep and do my article writing and other works for Christ’s kingdom but sometimes I sleep early and wake up late, without having done a thing for my God.

If you are a Christian already, this is to you. God is all about souls and we do not have the liberty to relax at any point but keep giving testimony and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ of reaping souls for Him, which is our sole calling. Without motivation, more time is spent in worldly conformity as opposed to pursuing Christ’s agenda. This is surely to be undesirable for the Christian.

You may like my motivators that I will put forth in this article:

  1. I switch to Christian TV channels often. Ideally, I should be sticking to these channels at all times. I enjoy listening to Criflo Dollar, T.D. jakes and Joel Osteen at TBN.
  2. I listen to podcasts on testimonies from people that have had an encounter with Christ. I keep their recordings in my hard drive and listen to them at work, at home and burn some on CDs to listen while driving. I like Bill Wiese, Angelica, Jenifer Pirez, James Smith and John Bunyan. All these have heard unbelievable revelations about the world to come.
  3. I listen to my own recorded music. From the testimonies that motivate me, I have come up with poems and rhymes that I site on record.
  4. I record my Pastor’s sermons each time I attend church. Often I’m required to edit these for the national Christian radio channel. When I do the editing, I get motivation to spread the word and my method is posting articles.
  5. I search for Christian websites with the theme on holiness and life after death.
  6. Lastly, this is to you. You may be motivated when you do read my quarterly magazine downloadable from the Magazine page.

I suggest you get your own motivators such that the fire keeps burning and more and more souls will be converted. I know it’s not always possible to remain at the top, but an effort makes a difference.

You are welcome to comment on this post and everywhere else in this blog. Your comments will make a difference and they surely will form part of my motivation. Thanking you in advance for your forthcoming comments.

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I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. It has been revealed to me through the study of the Word of God, teachings of other men of God and testimonies that God has given us His grace just so we can share it among ourselves in the process leading each other to God. I invite you to learn who our God is with me in this blog…be blessed!

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