Never did they Win disobeying God – Genesis 3

Sin Alienates from GodAccording to the book of Genesis chapter 3, the serpent in the Garden of Eden succeeded in deceiving Adam and Eve to sin against God but all three of them never won against God’s word. It was really unfortunate for Adam and Eve that they were not wise enough to know good and evil before eating from the fruit which the Lord God had commanded that they do not eat from (Genesis 3: 22).  I understand that at the time, as declared by the Holy Bible, Adam and Eve were the only people on earth, and thus the adoption of the suggestion that was made by the serpent became a commonly accepted.

The first person that sinned against God was Eve and then Adam. God never tolerated sin from that very first time man was found guilty of. God can never tolerate sin at any rate, it does not matter the type of sin committed.


Today’s Serpent

I believe that the same Satan that appeared to Eve in the Garden of Eden is the same one that deceives many even today. Satan knows that people know the good from evil and many do not want to practice obviously bad or evil sins. Remember the Holy Bible says that the serpent was cunning, and he still is even today. He therefore has his modern way of deceiving people, which is grading sins according to size and secrecy.

Sins that are small are those that deserve small or no punishment at all according to worldly standards. Even though it’s not good practice to grade sins, but I will do it for the purpose of getting my point across. Stealing a few minutes of time from your employer is an example that may not even be considered for punishment. Some people are good at telling just for their convenience. I believe your conscious is listing some more for you as you read along.

Secrete sins are those that one can do and never get caught or seen by the next person. Lots of such sins go on in the mind. However, watching pornography, exchanging vulgar language with others, ignoring the Word of God, and many more.

Today people sin under the conviction that God does not consider small and secrete sins as condemning to death. Such sins are often considered common practice and therefore not really serious. People bribe, steal, tell lies, rob, and do all sorts of evil and forget that God cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7) and that what He says is sin shall remain His enemy for eternity. Unlike the time before Adam and Eve sinned, today people are wise enough to know the good from evil yet they still sin against God.


Be on the Alert

Satan knows that there is joy in living a life that is free from sin. He knows that falling into sin is not necessarily committing the ‘big sins’ slowly drifting away from holiness. I want to warn everyone that reads this article not to yield to Satan’s advice to do even the smallest or the most secrete of sins because there is everything to lose for each sin you commit.

Do not be deceived, a soul that sins shall die (Ezekiel 18:20). Salvation only comes by Jesus Christ and nobody else and salvation is free for all mankind. How then shall we be saved if we neglect such great salvation? (Hebrews 2:3-4).

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