Hell is built for Giants and therefore Severe in Punishment



Hell was prepared for the giant devil and his angels, yet the tinny little human which is so precious to God, will be condemned to such a place if they do not observe God’s commandments. According to Bill Wease, a Christian man what was taken in a vision to see hell, demons are not only plentiful in hell but they are giants. Bill estimate demons to be about 13 meters tall giants. He estimates that demons are about 1 000 times stronger than humans and there is absolutely no way human strengths can overpower the demons. Bill goes on to say that demons have a very poor IQ such that all they know is to forever torture the soul(s) they are assigned to by their master the devil.

The devil, being the commander in chief of demons should therefore be far more powerful and huge. I can widely estimate the strength of the devil to be so huge that he can command each of the billions of demons around and get things happening for his kingdom. He, the devil, could be immeasurably multiple times stronger than humans, far more than the 1 000 times estimated for demons.

It follows that the punishment of sin in hell is also expressed gigantically. It is not surprising because if God had to prepare a place to punish giants, He had to make an equivalent type of punishment. For example, if you were to punish an elephant, you’d have to invent something as suitable to make it meaningful.  Similarly, if you were to punish a rat, you simply get a bucket of water and put it in. Hell is built to be severe and match the devil’s size and his tolerance to pain. Unfortunately, humans that do not abide to God’s commandments must take the same level of torture that was prepared for the devil. Imagine a rate having to an elephant’s share of torments. That’s exactly how server torments of hell are felt by human souls that dwell in that place.

The purpose really is not for you to be confused about my story or that of Bill Weise but to believe in the report of the Holy Bible as the true Word of the most high God. The call is simple for you to escape the tortures of hell by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour while you live in this world. Beyond this life, it would be too late. How you receive salvation is simple, pray the prayer of salvation as guided by the Word of God, the Holy Bible. Read Romans 10:9 – 10.

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