Expect to be ridiculed even on how you will Die

People will be hard on Christians

The World is Hard on Christians

Christians are not of this world and therefore not the world’s favourite. Paul warns in Romans 8:36 that ‘For your (Christ) sake we are killed all day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter’. Christians must expect that for them this condition holds even to the point of death.

I like visiting the site psychologytoday.com and this time I saw an article ridiculing the manner in which a Christian lady died. The tone of the article and the content does not only displays ridicule to the lady but also harass and the messengers of the full and true gospel. The article is titled, ‘Do you really believe in Heaven?’ The author of this article knows the lady to have been good at following the rules and tithing weekly. This lady did not fear death but how she died makes the author of the article believe that when we Christians say that we shall enter eternal rest in heaven is a joke.

Below is an extract on how the author defines how the Christian lady was diagnosed with some complicated ailment, how he likes it that the lady had been attached by the sickness and how he enjoyed observing how this lady died.

“Anyway, in the fullness of time, her physician discovered a very serious symptom. Lab work was done and she was told not to buy any green bananas. Finally, it seemed, all her years of walking the line and handing over ten percent of her worldly goods were about to pay off. I actually thought about calling to say how happy I was for this turn of events. Good thing I didn’t. Suddenly no treatment was too expensive and no procedure was too painful. Of course it made no difference and the end came despite her kicking and screaming.”

Christians will be persecuted

Persecuted Christians

I also want to affirm that demons influence people to persecute, harass and kill messengers of true Christianity. If you believe in revelations and visions like I do, you will know that the story of a young Korean artist was taken by the Lord Jesus Christ on a casual visit to hell is true. The story is covered in the page ‘Pictures from the Pit’. A painting of how this happens is shown in the image on the side.

This is just one millions of examples that people do to bring down the true religion of Jesus Christ, no realising that they are under the influence of demonic forces. As a child of God and an ambassador for Christ, don’t be deceived but know that you will time to time be faced with some form of persecution for your belief in Christ. Count it all joy as Jesus Christ told us.

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