Christians that Die for their Faith – Romans 8: 36

Death is Real

Dying for your Christian Faith

For it is recorded in the Holy Bible that some Christians will have to die for their faith in Christ. It is hard for some of us Christians to acknowledge that fact yet we do appreciate that whatever is written in the Holy Bible is true and shall come to pass.

What then is the comfort for Christians if their belief in Jesus Christ exposes them to earthly danger? Why should Christians hang on when they are in danger of being killed and not abandon the faith for a while and when danger is gone they repent? In fact, the Holy Bible has a wealth of records for people that died for their faith in Jesus Christ and they never denied their faith even to the point of death. None of the Heroes of the Christian faith retaliated. Remember Stephen when he was stoned to death (Acts 7:54 – 60).

We Christians have hope that God the Father is on our side and therefore no one can stand against us and prosper (Romans 8:31). Our strength is the unrelenting Love of God for us. That we are exposed to tribulations, distress, persecution, sometimes famine, nakedness, peril or sword (Romans 8: 35) cannot separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. The Holy Bible also tells us not to fear them that can only kill the body but do not have the power to put the soul in hell. The hope for Christians should be that of escaping hell after death. No pain can be compared to being separated from God the creator forever and ever after death, that is, in hell which is the second death. All the pain of the world concentrated in one place cannot compare to the pain in hell.  This makes Christianity the safest religion of all in the world.


How to Gain Strength to Stand Trials

I appreciate that it is not easy to stand such trials when you are practically faced with them. Sometimes it might seem like the problem, persecution or peril will never be gone. The temptation to seek human made solutions or trusting on your own understanding comes to mind quickly and promise an easy way out. If you want to keep your heavenly line clear for proper support in your situation, never yield to that temptation.

The trick is trusting in Jesus Christ at all times. This will make you report all forms of trouble to Him all the way you face persecutions. Christians simply have to focus on God through prayer, seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit and never be distracted. Just like Stephen the Martyr, the Holy Spirit let him see heavens open when persecutions intensify (Acts 7: 54). This will make you focus on your hope for better things that Christ has in store for you and not on the pain that you experience.


Christian Reality

Once you are a Christian you must know from day one that you are prone to hate from all other people for what you have become. You however must be grateful to God for every moment you are alive.

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