Living a Holy Life does not mean living Outside the World

Christians must live a holy life in the same defiled world

LIving pure in the World

All people are called by God to live a holy life but it does not mean that they must exit the world to live in some space of their own. For that reason, you will notice that the holy Christians also identify with the following life reality issues:

1. Imperfection. It is not possible to have a perfect Christian anywhere in the world. Therefore, there is no possibility of “entire holiness”. Therefore, the most perfect and holy men are always subject to imperfections while they remain in the body. Anyone that purposes to live a holy life must understand that sin obscures and weakens, and holiness strengthens and invigorates; sin confuses, distracts, and leads to error; holiness tranquilizes, imparts candor (the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech) and carefulness, and leads to truth.
2. Physical infirmities. Being a holy living Christian does not exclude one from physical imperfection. You will see holy living Christians experience bodily infirmities such as disease, deformity, and organic and structural imperfection. This has got nothing to do with the Spiritual man and therefore you will see a perfect physical man but imperfect in the spiritual and vise versa.
3. Mistakes in conduct. As long as the mind is subject to making an improper judgment, as the case is for all humans, conduct and emotions resulting may also be improper. Actions and feelings result from the views the mind takes, or the influence of unavoidable constitutional tendencies. When an improper judgment is formed, an improper or incorrect action or feeling may follow.
4. Temptation. Even when we expect Christ like qualities from holiness pursuers, they are not free from the temptation to sin. Jesus Himself was tempted (Matt. 4:1). “The disciple is not above his Lord” (Matt. 10:24).
5. Sinning. The Christian is not exempted from sinning. Christians may fall and sin and bring guilt and condemnation again upon their souls, just like everybody else. Therefore, anyone who pursues holiness is a under constant need of personal watchfulness and of divine assistance.
6. Sorrow. Had there never been sin, possibly there had never been sorrow; but the holy Jesus sorrowed, so while upon earth may his disciples. “The servant is not above his Lord” (John 13:16).
These are just a few of life reality issues that may be mistaken for hypocrisy when observed amongst those that declare themselves holy. Holiness is simply about adopting God’s attitude towards sin; ‘HATE SIN’.

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