See and Know that the Lord Jesus Christ Protects

God protects

God saves and protects

Christians and none Christians should know from today that their safety is not from good planning, observing precautions given by experts, other gods or idols but from Jesus Christ Himself. How would you doubt a God that was His people’s protection in the past and continues to be even today?


An Old Times Example of God’s Protection

In the Old Testament times, God protected His chosen from peril and the condition to attain his protection favour was trusting in Him. A very uncommon but valid example is found in Genesis 32. When starting from verse 22, the Holy Bible tells of Jacob’s protection when pursued by Laban. In verse 24, God Himself talks to Laban not to talk harsh words to Jacob and in verse 29 Laban confess to have gotten a warning from God. Note that in this case we are not told that Jacob prayed to God or did some sacrifice to God, but God decided to protect Jacob.


Recent Times Example of God’s Protection

Emmanuel Eni, the author of ‘Delivered from the Powers of Darkness’ tells his story of how God protected him from Satan and Satan’s agents.

In his book, Emmanuel relates how a plan to discipline him for failing to pay rent to the landlord failed. I want to quote exactly from his book:

‘Not quite fifteen minutes she left I heard another knock. This time they were four men. They beckoned on me to come out and I saw myself going along with them. We walked up to about 2 poles 24 and one of them asked me: “Do you know us?” I said no. He continued: “We have been hired by your landlord to kill you.” While he was still speaking one among them brought out a gun and another brought out a dagger. I was defenseless and knew that they would kill me, but God in His supernatural manner performed a miracle that surprised both myself and themselves. The man with the gun fired at me but there was no sound. The man with the dagger used it on my back but it never penetrated rather it sounded like using a rod on someone. They were as frightened as I was. The Spirit of God came on me and I started preaching. Three of them ran away, but the fourth man broke down and started weeping and pleaded that I should pray for him. I did not even know what to pray at that time but only said: “Lord, please forgive, forget and pardon him. Amen!”

– taken from the PDF copy in, page 23 – 24.


Indeed Emmanuel was on the wrong, but it was not worth the punishment the Devil’s agents wanted to give him. God had a purpose with Emmanuel’s life and it was fulfilled.


To You and To Me

There is no need to fear the devil’s agents for whatever threat they give you. All earth and heaven activities are under the control of God’s mighty hand. In actual fact, fear does not come from God or Jesus but from the enemy. You don’t need to fear terrorists, people that worship other gods, and particularly people that do not have the power to punish the soul in hell.

God is the only one that should be feared for His might. Therefore, know from this day that you are protected as long you are on the Lord’s side.

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