Qualities for Imitating God

Immitate God your leader

Immitate God your leader

Imitating God is likened to children that wish to be like their parents. Likewise, Christians should have the same mind-set of God. All that have accepted Jesus Christ are now children of God, and therefore must imitate Him. If we assume the childhood relationship with God, we therefore must aim at pleasing God in everything we do.

Below are two reference portions of Scripture that put forth the need for Christians to be imitators of Christ:

  1. According to the scripture, we must walk as beloved children (Verse 1) if we are to imitate God. This confirms that we are children of God. 1 John 3: 1-3, ‘behold the love the manner of Love the Father has given unto us…and we are’. This means that even if people don’t like the fact that we are God’s children, it is true. He, God, loved us and yes Jesus Christ loves us. The love of our God is seen in the things He gives to us.


Since there is love share between God and us, we as children of God don’t want to disappoint our loving Father. The drive should not only be escaping hell, but not to disappoint our God. Therefore, we must do only that which is pleasing to our Father. Though a child of God may fall, but the right conduct is to repent immediately after realising that the Father is not pleased with the bad things s / he has done. Never mind what other are doing or expect you to behave, just strive to please God. The reference scripture highlights several things that we should avoid as children.


  1. We must walk worthy of holy children of God (1 Peter 1: 15 – 16). Verse 3 to 5, lists things that children of God are no to do. Such immoral practices should not be heart of amongst believers. All doers of such deeds do not have a share in the kingdom of God, it does not matter whether they are preachers, deacons, etc. and there are justified reasons to participate. Prophets and the apostles of old emphasised the importance of holiness. 1 Corinthians 6: 9 supports the notion of immoral acts as a hindrance to heaven’s inheritance.


If you are convicted by this article, correct your mistakes. The time to repent is today. Do not be afraid but take a stand even when it calls for you to lose some benefits from the world. the call is extend to people experiencing all sorts of challenges; widows, youth, etc. The issue is between you and God and not the people around you.

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