Jesus and the Storms of life – Luke 8: 22 – 24

Stormsof life

Storms in your life

The storms of life hit everyone and it is good news that three Holy Bible authors address this issue. Mathew (Mat. 8:23 -27), Mark (Mark. 4:35 -41) and Luke (Luke 8:22 – 24). Thus the issue on storms of life cannot be ignored in real life situations.

The first thing to note is that Jesus instructed His disciples to cross the river and therefore it was Jesus’s perfect will that they should cross over. It must have been fulfilling to the disciples to do the will of Jesus Christ, and further fulfilling that He had to come with them. Even today, if we walk in Jesus Christ’s will we are guaranteed that He is on our side. He has promised to be with us till the end of times.

The second thing to note is that the disciples listened to Jesus Christ. The real indication that one is a follower of Christ is abiding by every instruction. Disciples had purposed to do whatever Jesus Christ told them to do.

The third thing to note is the occurrence of a might storm. A storm can be defined as a violent disturbance in the air causing wind, rain, thunder, etc. It must be acknowledged that magnitude of the storm was very disturbing because the Holy Bible records that some water spilled into the boat. In our lives, a storm can be defined as difficult times a person experiences in life.



Even though it was Jesus Christ’s will that the disciples and Him cross over to the other side. Likewise, it does happen in our lives that we experience storms of life. Some of preachers today dispute the reality of experiencing storms of life for Christians yet in fact Christians are the ones that may face tough times simply for being believers. Some Christians even want to quit Christianity because believers may attract storms just by being a Christian.


Storms of Life Examples

  • Job loss – this may befall anyone, believer or non-believer.
  • Loss of a loved one – This could be your marriage partner, children, parents, friends and family.
  • Hate from work mates.
  • Marriage challenges – When your partner turns against you, even abandon your home or any other form of marriage challenges.
  • Troublesome children – Disrespectful, criminal and mischievous children resemble storms of life.
  • Troublesome neighbours, etc.


In all these examples and more, it does not mean you are outside the will of God. It simply is a storm of life. Don’t doubt the will of God for your life.


How to deal with the storms of Life

Referring to the reference scripture, the Holy Bible tells us that the disciples of Jesus had tried all they could and eventually realised they could do no more. They realised that they needed someone stronger that they were because all their skills and expertise had failed them. It was only then they turned to Jesus for help.

Storms are a serious drain to life; emotionally, financially, spiritually and otherwise. Jesus solved their problem in an instant by calming the storm by His Word. Jesus Christ is a lasting solution even today. Just call on Him through prayer and He will be true to you by providing a way out from your storms of life.

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