Jesus Expresses the Urge to Avoid Hell – (Matthew 5: 29 – 30)

Hell is real

Hell is real

Jesus Christ mentions hell many times in His words recorded in the Holy Bible. I’m today directed to the Word according to Matthew 5: 29 and 30, where Jesus values safety from hell to the point of forgoing some of your body parts.

Jesus specifically picks the eye and the right hand as an example of body parts that should be removed if one wants to escape hell.  If we may assume that Jesus did not choose these two simply to make an example but to also emphasize their usefulness.

The eye is one of the most important parts of the body and without it people get grounded. You will note that many people are right handed and find it difficult to use their left hand. However, if these important body parts are a hindrance to keeping holy (Matthew 5: 48), they must be removed from the body so that the owner may not be condemned to hell.

It should be everybody’s prayer therefore that the Lord Jesus Christ be of assistance in resisting hell in all ways possible. If you have a question, you may write to us by following the ‘Ask a mentor’ page.

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