The Judgement is set for The Dead and the Living – 2 Timothy 4: 1, 2 Corinthians 5: 10

God's judgement is set for the living and the dead

Judgment is Set

Judgement is surely an event that shall not be missed, not even by a single living or any that ever lived. The living still have a chance to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Both the Old and the New Testament talks about the judgement day. People must note that when the Bible says anything, that thing shall surely come to pass. Many may quote that the Bible has long said that Jesus Christ will return for the Church but even today He has not showed up, forgetting that the Word does not state the date and time. Therefore, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is surely coming.

Paul in the reference scripture emphasis the fact that both the dead and the living shall not miss the judgement. It is not yet over because a fearful day still awaits the dead; they shall all be raised to face the judgement. First, the triumphed shall sound and the dead shall rise and everyone shall who ever lived shall face judgement. When He, Christ the Lord, returns for the Church, the living Christians shall be transformed but non-believers will not be transformed because they await eternal torment in hell. The living are better because they still have a chance to repent but the dead hear nothing and can do nothing to change their situation. For the death, judgement has already been set.

The judgement for believers is not going to be the same like that for non-believers. Believers and nonbelievers may be together in the world, but believers shall be judged in space. Believers will be judged on their works, yet they already have earned heaven’s eternal life.  Works of flesh will be burnt and no crown given will be given for believers that did works of service for personal and other interests other than to please the Lord Jesus.

Jesus says sheep will be separated from the goats. John’s revelations on the judgment day in the book of Revelations 20:11 – 15 saw the dead, big and small before the throne of judgement.  Even if you may not be recognised by anyone today, but you will be recognised in judgment. Heavenly name registers will be open and no church name will be mentioned but people shall be called by their names. If your name, not your church name, is not registered in the heaven’s book of life, you will be rejected.

Goats are to be rejected; some will be people that attended church,  some Pastors, some having done great works of service but were not known to Christ. They will be sent to hell, a place of unrelenting pain where there will be crying and gnashing of teeth. Sheep will be accepted to dwell with the Lord forever and ever.

So watch therefore that whatever you do, say and think is recorded to be revealed for you in the judgement day. Not even a second will be missed from what you have done while in the flesh. I recommend that you read the article discussing the parable of the 10 virgins.

Inspired by a sermon by Pastor J. Msane.

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  2. Kacper says:

    Not only does the Bible say ONLY the FATHER IN HEAVEN will know the EXACT time He will send Jesus back to retrieve His forwloels ALSO, did you all realize that this Harold Camping guy has had false predictions before? I guess the last one was in 1994? He also says that the Holy Spirit LEFT (was removed from)us in 1988! We all know this is FALSE! Please guys, don’t be so easily deceived. It only HURTS your faith when you believe lies they don’t happen! I want to see Harolds face on Sunday.

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