Ignorable yet Common Small Sins

There are common small sins that people tend to ignore, yet the Word of God is so pure and perfect, good enough to be the mirror for Christians from anywhere in the world. in fact, there is nothing like small sins because before God sin is simply going against His will. I want to focus on such sins that are common amongst Christians. I will mention a few of the things that are common “small sins” that will stop many from entering eternal rest after death.

The theme of this website is to emphasize on holiness. If the Word says “…without Holiness, no man shall see God”, it means just that. The devil always deceive believers that God is so merciful and will understand the hardships we face here on earth and compromise his standards. Sorry, heaven is unfortunately not cheap.

So, if you are in Swaziland and have done or still do any of the following things, you might as well forget about heaven:

  1. Making people to pay to get a piece of land in Swazi Nation land. This is illegal and parliamentarians have confirmed so in the not so distant past. It doesn’t matter if you are the Chief or whoever, as long as you accept that money or don’t allocate people the land before they pay.
  2. If you don’t pay your TV license. The temptation to forget about TV license fees is huge simply because we have spillover channels from South Africa and those that we pay for from commercial service providers.
  3. If you haven’t paid the chiefdom dues, that is, ‘inkhomo yemphakatsi’.  Many have beautiful houses in Swazi nation land but have not paid the dies.
  4. Pirate CDs and DVD. It’s no secret that we often dub wonderful music, often gospel, and share it. It doesn’t matter whether you pay for it or not. That is why Christians should not buy pirate CDs and DVDs, it is simply sin before God.
  5. Installing computer software that you didn’t pay for. Most computer applications are copyrighted yet easy to dub, share and re-sell. Even the Microsoft Office package and the CorelDraw you got from your friend and that computer shop in town, its all wrong. I recommend you read the article “Holiness Costs ME Computer Programmes”.
  6. Tapping on telephone lines and bridging the electricity billing circuit. You know the tricks and I don’t have to explain.
  7. Forget preaching about Hell and fearing God. If you are a pastor and focus only on motivation, prosperity and success, you are missing the most important aspect of the Christian religion, people should know that hell is real and without Holiness there is no way to escape it.
  8. Spending one’s eternity in hell can be defined as spending a thousand years in torture yet it would still mean the begging of it and the cycle goes on and on. That is what eternity is. I know that it may sound like an exaggeration today but it is true and yet unfortunate that many will be able to comprehend eternity when it is already too late.
  9. It would seem pointless to list sins because they are countless, yet examples would help clarify my point. Below are a few things that people engage in and think it’s a casual activity that God does not take serious.
  10. Engaging in pre-marital sex. Even if you are engaged to get married some day, you just are not allowed to indulge in sexual intercourse before marriage.
  11. Using employer telephone line for personal business. No matter you are the CEO, if you are not allowed to do personal business with company assets, then you must not. I’ll tell you why. If some of your employees should not do it, you also must not. If some office extension lines are barred from calling cell phones, then it means that if you are allowed to do it from your phone just to do official work.
  12. Accessing the internet for none official work. I cannot mention specific content, but if it’s not going to help you do your work better or none official, refrain from it. It just defiles your soul.
  13. Assigning junior officers to do your personal work. Even when it means you must wait for the lunch hour to do it yourself, it’s just the way it should be done. This includes the small things as sending your secretary to bank your money even to buy you some groceries.
  14. Abusing company cars. The smallest diversion along the way defiles your soul. If your level of seniority does not allow that you travel on company cars, it just is the way it should be. Even when you don’t drive, being a passenger does not make you holly.
  15. Underpaying you domestic employee. Make sure that the person that takes care of your children while you are at work is happy with what they get as a pay to avoid tempting them to pay themselves by stealing from you.
  16. Stealing petrol. Taxi drivers that call themselves Christians should not do the petrol slip games. Its pure theft.
  17. Cheating your marriage partner.  This one is straight to the point.
  18. Exceeding speed limits. Not only should we observe speed limits, but also all other road signs and rules.
  19. Disrespecting authorities. There are always people to respect; the boss, pastor, husband, wife, father, mother, in-laws, the King, Ministers, etc.
  20. Subsistence allowance claims and the mileage register. Claim what is legally due to you.
  21. Printing and photocopying personal documents at work. It doesn’t matter whether the documents will be used in Church or wherever, it is pure stealing from your employer. This includes taking some paper clips, pens, papers, etc. to share with your family and or friends.
  22. Stealing a few minutes before lunch for personal errands. The best way is always to seek permission, even if it means leaving 5 minutes earlier, it is simply the way it should be done.
  23. Photocopying a copyrighted book. You must read the copyright statement to be sure. Some will allow photocopying for specific reasons but others just won’t say. There also could be a general rule that apply. Remember that sin is the same, if you photocopy the whole book, you have committed the same offence like the one who has copied one page.
  24. If you owe someone else their dues, that is, anything you should return but you choose not to. It could be something you have stolen, borrowed or even taken by mistake. Read Romans 13:7.
  25. Operating a none registered company. Registering a company shouldn’t be a problem because you register for the type of business you want to run. Prices differ and many license fees that suit small scale operations are affordable. Do your research and pick the right license for your business.
  26. If you don’t pay tax. Many of us have private money making businesses and never think of declaring to the taxman. Some of these private businesses make as much as a fully-fledged business would do. For example, there are those of us that go stock from Johannesburg or wherever and sell at a mark-up price and earn profits yet fail to pay tax.
  27. Not paying tithes. This is none negotiable for any living person. It does not matter whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.
  28. Failing to share the little you have with the needy. A single Lilangeni for the guy that is hungry by the street makes God happy. We are called to doing the right thing even when we know that the people we live with are evil.
  29. Sharing the corporate anti-virus software with your employer’s IT department on personal computers and laptops/notebooks.
  30. Hating people that are none-believers in Christ. This includes other religions such as Islam, Ancestral worship, etc. We as Christians should love everyone and tell them about the God news of Jesus Christ and the fact that there is no way to have a relationship with God but by Jesus Christ.
  31. The love for money. It is not right for people to be money driven. Some people would do whatever it takes to earn money, even to the point of killing or disruption other people’s lives.
  32. Trusting in man than in God. I’m told one man died in the hands of a doctor he trusted yet he eventually died. The Holy Bible warns against trusting in man than trusting in God.
  33. Fearing man more than fearing God.
  34. Grudges and revenge.

The list is nowhere close to exhaustion, allow the conscious to point even more and most of all, yield to the correction requirements. I want to believe that Christians are the last people to be troublesome in our communities. The only way out is to have a clear policy regarding the above listed from respective structures. For example, our employers should define fringe benefits and until you are clear on these, restrain from participating. I want to warn Christians that sometimes their bosses may allow them to abuse company assets yet if the company policy is against it, it still is sin.

This is high a standard even for me, but God looks at the effort and wants us to rely on him to cope with his standard. There is nothing in this world that warrants you to pay for the price of your soul. Even if you gained the whole world, even several of them, it wouldn’t pay for the cost of losing your own soul. Similarly, we shouldn’t fear people that can kill in this world, but only Him that can send people to Hell for eternity.

Thanks be to God for giving His only Son to cleans us from all filth. If you do find yourself having committed in anything that defiles your soul, talk to Jesus Christ and He will purify you afresh.

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