Conduct for the Holy ones (Colossians 2: 6)

your Christian conductConduct is all that other people conclude about his or her life. It is all the person says, does and portrays about his / her life. People listen, watch and conclude as to whether what you are doing makes you happy or unhappy. When they do, they base their conclusion on scripture. You might then hear comments like ‘is this the right conduct for a believer?’, ‘if this one can gain entry to heave, I can also inherit heaven’. Thus conduct is a person’s life.

Verse 6 starts by giving a pre-condition. The word ‘therefore’, means that there is a prior condition. In the preceding verses, Paul had detailed and confirmed to the Colossians that they are Christians and therefore now that they have accepted Christ they must walk in Him.  They were taught that it would not be permissible for them to live a life outside of Christ. Walking in Christ means that Jesus Christ rules your life in totality; at home, school, everywhere else and all days of the week. The tendency to be only holy on Sunday is not acceptable.

Christian conduct begins when a person accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour of his / her life. All people chose to be or not to be a Christian and when you choose to, simply walk in Christ. In actual fact, life is engulfed by choices. The only thing people cannot choose is death (Those that do commit suicide are condemned to eternal death, which is hell). It is after accepting Jesus Christ that other people start observing your life and that is when a new conduct must be demonstrated. The new conduct comes from that Jesus Christ then becomes a commander in your life. You then listen and practice what He tells you at to all times.

Christians should remain rooted in Christ to survive just like a tree would not live if it were uprooted from the soil. There is no room for believers to take a break because that instantly leads to Spiritual death. If you are a Christian, watch that you are still rooted in Christ because you might not be aware that you are truly pretending. If you pretend, you run chances on being broken down by temptations and end up being an embarrassment.

Accepting Jesus Christ is a high calling. The old has passed and behold the new has come (1 Corinthians 5:17). Christians should understand that Christian conduct should be practices at all cost, even when it calls for severe losses or even pain. The call is to delights in Jesus’ will. It sometimes calls for one to change his / her company. Your will is overcome by Jesus’ will. The holiness life is demonstrated by living and it is a call to all that decide to become Christians.

To remain rooted in Christ: read the Holy Bible and pray as many times as you can find time to during the day or night. If you need more advice, contact our mentors through email. 

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