God said a Word and things Happened

God SpeaksWhen God speaks His Word all else obeys. Nothing can negotiate when God sends His instruction. Mind you, He never consults when He wants to do something. Whenever He says do something, just do it because He is God in control – all things to Him happen. Jonah of old tried to defy God but He never won doing so (click to read about Jonah going against God’s love).

We all know God’s instructions are comprised in this one command; “Do not Sin” for sin is the dare of His justice. However, God does speak a Word that will make you better; He can say ‘be healed’, ‘be rich in wisdom’, ‘be wealthy’, ‘be promoted’, ‘be satisfied’, be delivered’, ‘be clean’ and many good things He can say to your situation. We, as humans, must know that nothing just happens. Our God is in full control of everything.

I’m a witness that God, through Jesus Christ His son, said a Word on my health situation and I was healed of Hiatus Hernia – Ask me, I’ll tell you How – by simply deciding to request God’s help to live a Holy life John 9:31.

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About Musawenkosi Dube

I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. It has been revealed to me through the study of the Word of God, teachings of other men of God and testimonies that God has given us His grace just so we can share it among ourselves in the process leading each other to God. I invite you to learn who our God is with me in this blog…be blessed!

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