Encouraging Good Christian conduct at home and in the Community – 1 Corinthians 4:1

eclectic- VIPs in churchThis being the first post of a long journey of preaching holiness to the world, it would be good to start with the expected Christian conduct from each of the believers as they interact with the world in all their circles and communities.

Christians should be known by their conduct at their homes, family and in the community. Worship should be part of a Christian’s lifestyle. The Christian can know the secrets of God’s kingdom that Jesus shares in secrete with him or her (Matthew 10:27). Such secretes Jesus encourages the Christian to share them openly with the world. The New Living Translation says such secretes should be shares when daybreak comes. No wonder there is so much revelations from Jesus shared in many ways with the world today. These testimonies are in order and they are the will of Jesus and surely the will of God the Father.

Sadly, many Christians today live a double life forgetting that there is no excuse God will accept for indulging in sin. They are somebody else at home, in church, in the community and in the family. Hardly do Christians take time to with the Lord to get the secretes that must be shared with the world today. It follows therefore that at midnight God stands there awaiting the believer to wake up and give Him time to share secretes for the benefit of the whole world.

A believer that is serous about living for Christ should live a one standard life anywhere they go; at home, in church and everywhere else. In actual fact, the home should be a nursery and a source of spiritual strength for both the church and the community. Before you can belong to a church, you first belong to a family or a home.

The Christian that is reading this post is encouraged to work at improving on the following qualities of a good  Christian conduct:

  1. Love all the people you live with at home (Matt 22) – there is no room in Christianity to hate anyone. This is a commandment for everyone that professes Christianity. A Christian husband is expected to love his wife; the same applies for the wife. Similarly, children should love their parents or guardians. The Christian should love the people s/he lives with in the community. It is expected for the Christian to love unconditionally.  Paul defines love in 1 Cor 13:4-7 as being patient, not selfish and does not hold grudges. The Christian should forgive and forget at all times. A Christian should be used to forgiving others even when they do not apologize. They should show no favoritism but love everyone the same way.
  2. The Christian is expected to respect the people s/he lives with at home (1 Peter 3: 1-2, Ephesians 5: 33). Respect is a top characteristic for Christians. Christians tend to give respect to others, such as the Pastor, more than they do people they live with. Children should not quarrel with parents but rather take a humble and respectful approach at all times. There shouldn’t be a time when children think they are superior to their parents.
  3. Greet and talk with the people you live with. It must be your tendency as a Christian to greet each of the people you live with and address then according to their family positions. Greet even the person you share a bed with. Try to tell everyone your whereabouts at all times, do not just disappear. Talk with the people and never think they will defile you when they talk to you. Whenever you do, tell the truth and stand on it.
  4. Live a holy life at home. The Holy Bible tells us that we should be holy in all our ways. A holy living conduct demands for transparency. People you live with should know where you are at all times.  The words that you speak should reflect Christian holy living. Strive for peace with all man and be interpersonal.
  5. Take time with the Lord. It works best at night because it is then when the devil is in operation too. Praying at night would cause disruption to the operation of the devil and this would mean a lot for the Church.

A few additional house keeping rules are:

  1. Whenever you do Christian activities such as praying, respect the people that you live with. Avoid loud praying that could even disturb them while they sleep.
  2. Fasting, reading the word and prayer should not disrupt other people’s lives.
  3. Let your life shine so that people can see the Jesus in you and not you.

No human can do these without the help of God. This is not a message of condemnation but of helping the believer amend their ways so that Christ can be glorified in their lives.

No holiness = No Heaven!

Inspired by one of Pastor J. Msane’s sermons

Updated: 8 May 2015

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