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Why do Christians always say time is limited?

I once shared the Gospel to my colleague at work and mentioned the phrase, ‘you have to make a decision quickly because time is limited’. He was so annoyed by that phrase and said, ‘you Christians use that phrase to put pressure on people. It is your mode of operation… Continue reading


Jesus, the last days and the narrow way

Jesus Christ understands it; His Church, the Christians are in a deep plunge of hardship in that they are caught between two hard surfaces ‘Living under pressures of the last days and working at walking the narrow road’ that very few find and walk on it. He is ready and… Continue reading


The Sad Statistics on Death that we Shall be Counted on Someday

Defining death is not necessary because anyone that can read this article definitely knows and understands what it is. The Bible goes on to confirm this that the living know that they will die (Ecclesiastes 9:5). The website cdc.gov gives an interesting analysis on death. According to ‘Our Daily Manna devotional booklet’, the statistics on… Continue reading