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Asking from God to sin just for once

Living in this world exposes believers to lots of temptations. This is not surprising because Jesus Himself was tempted and the lesson we get from His case is that He conquered. Temptations will come and they do come to everyone but how you respond to them is what counts the… Continue reading


Is it sin for woman to wear trousers, weave and make up?

The question of whether wearing a trouser, a weave or make up is sin before God is really a serious one. There have been discussions and debates from all corners of the world. Some have declared that they have been advised by God, mostly through revelations, on the answer to… Continue reading


5 requirements for pushing yourself to do the will of God

Doing the right thing is easy but doing and keeping at doing God’s will is not easy unless there is an effort from your side and from ‘SOME’ spiritual power. People would wonder why the trouble trying to do what does not come naturally. Why does God likes for us… Continue reading