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Forever shall they be in the lake of fire – Revelation 20:10, 14:11

Forever is a word that should not be taken lightly because it’s meaning has consequences that no man can change. Once it is written in the Bible as a warning, it should be taken seriously because it shall come to pass. I once asked a pastor as to why should… Continue reading


Reminding and warning Christians about the devil’s diary

The devil, who is well known to man as the chief in schemes of revenge, is taking stock of what we Christians are doing to harm his Kingdom. Know this that if you preach, sing Gospel, testify, evangelize, intercede in prayer, spread the Good News of the Gospel in full or in… Continue reading


Watchout for False Prophets… makes people eat Grass!

How confusing that Christians are on the extreme on miracles and misinterpreting the whole concept of miracles. The southern African region is hit by church activities that are confusing to any observer, Christians included. South Africa and Swaziland have increasing number of counts for church Pastors (commonly known as Prophets)… Continue reading