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Asking from God to sin just for once

Living in this world exposes believers to lots of temptations. This is not surprising because Jesus Himself was tempted and the lesson we get from His case is that He conquered. Temptations will come and they do come to everyone but how you respond to them is what counts the… Continue reading


A man a thousand years in hell speaks

This one fact cannot be disputed. ‘Someone in hell has been there for more than a thousand years’. In fact, not one person but billions of them. I believe that hell exists because I believe that Jesus is real. Jesus was not a made up concept to manipulate people like many… Continue reading


The fear of the Lord that is lacking (Psalms 112:1)

The Words that are comforting to the believer in this portion of scripture is that ‘the one who fears the Lord is blessed’. Almost everywhere in scripture the fear of the Lord is emphasised. Theme supporting scriptures include Proverbs 1:7 and Psalms 111:10.  These verses tell us, the living people,… Continue reading