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Why Jesus contrasted serving God with serving Money and not any other thing? A caution to Christians not to serve money

One may wonder why Jesus did not pick false religions when He taught on serving God alone in Matthew 6:24. In His divine knowledge of what would happen throughout time, even in our time where false religions are rated equal with Christianity, Jesus could have picked false religions but He… Continue reading


Faith has power to unlock the desired future, but don’t pay for it!

Faith is biblical and therefore does not change with times. It is a freely God given virtue that is open for use by any living person. Receive it from God at no cost. Before I define what faith is, I want to start by confirming that faith is real and… Continue reading


Be careful not to make Sunday a cash day

Sunday is a day you should dedicate to God as much as you can. Your Sunday could be a Saturday or any other day but that day should be the one you dedicate to God. Please note that when I say Sunday, I mean that a particular day you have… Continue reading