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Sin is a voluntery decision as exponded by Pastor B Mavuso

I cannot agree more with Pastor B Mavuso from Ezulwini Evangelical church when he reiterated in a main service on Sunday that sin is a voluntary decision. Sin is a decision one makes to cautiously go against God’s will. Mavuso referenced the scriptures in Matthew 1 verse 21 where the… Continue reading


What have you done about the message of the Cross?

In this post I just want to bring it to your attention that the message of the Cross, that is, the message of Jesus Christ is calling all that hear it to action. In this post I shall use the two interchangeably. I do not know your position with Christ… Continue reading


The urgency to preach to Jehovah’s Witnesses

In this post I want to raise a concern that I have seen with Christians. Christians take no interest in preaching to the ready souls on the streets that are wasting time in a wrong cult, the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW). JWs will never deny you, or let me say they… Continue reading