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The required standard of Holiness, Righteousness and Truth is too high but should be met

The truth of the matter is as declared by David that if God were to mark our transgressions, nobody would stand (Psalm 130:3). However, the Lord God is just to judge fairly and that is what makes the standard of holiness, righteousness and truth be a required effort for everyone… Continue reading


God hates it when He speaks and we don’t listen

How many times has the Lord spoken to us and we turned a deaf ear? I know that if you are honest in your response you probably would say, ‘many times’. The book of Job confirms this in chapter 33:14 where it reads, “For God does speak–now one way, now… Continue reading


The devil or Satan is real!

The devil is real and I understand that you would least expect this website to declare this truth. However, if I have to remain relevant and truthful, I have to say this, “The devil is real”. Later in this post I will give an example of the devil giving his… Continue reading