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Is reading circular material a good thing for Christians?

Novels, newspapers, blogs, forums, magazines and websites contain a lot that is purely non-Christian yet so interesting for the eye to browse through. What can we say to a person that wants to know what God says about these publications? There are those obvious publications which are a clear no… Continue reading


The significant difference between dictionary and the biblical hypocrisy

Scripture is the source of all Biblical knowledge. It is very true that some of the definitions in the dictionary such as the Oxford or the encyclopaedia differ from how the Bible defines words and concepts. I have taken note of the word ‘hypocrisy’.  As a matter of fact, I… Continue reading


It will be painful for Disobedient Christians when they die and don’t make it to heaven

The aim of this article is to help Christians realize that they also with be judged with the same measure like everybody else. This is to me as well. God will not compromise His standard for any human. Only those that wait for Him will make it for heaven when… Continue reading