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What have you done about the message of the Cross?

In this post I just want to bring it to your attention that the message of the Cross, that is, the message of Jesus Christ is calling all that hear it to action. In this post I shall use the two interchangeably. I do not know your position with Christ… Continue reading


Analogy on why God has Jesus as the only way to Heaven

This analogy is meant to clear the cloud on the humanly made idea that there are many ways that lead to the same God. Even when Jesus has said it clearly that He is the only way to get to God (John 14:6) but people still don’t want to accept… Continue reading


The Power in Knowing God and the Benefits of such Knowledge – Acts 16:16-40

A nation that knows its God will prosper. Knowledge has strength to the barer. It is however sad that Africans are not quick to read as such it has been declared that hiding knowledge from an African is easy by putting it down in writing. Yet the greatest enemy of… Continue reading