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He appears to those that diligently seek Him – Some have seen GOD!

God is alive and He truly appears to those that seek Him. The belief of Christians and of this blog is that God is in three, ‘God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son’. Therefore, when I say God appears to those that seek Him, I mean… Continue reading


Apple Worker Abuse in China is Biblically wrong

Reported by BBC on 18th December 2014, China Labor Watch, has alleged that three factories of Pegatron violate a “great number of international and Chinese laws and standards”. The article ‘Apple Faces new China worker abuse claims‘ give details on the matter. I watched the report on television and felt… Continue reading


Watch out for the Dominant Defiling Spirit of Nudity

The Spirit of nudity is prevalent all over the world today and it destroys a Christian’s holiness position. It dominates the world such that anyone can hardly avoid it. It is freely promoted and accessible from almost any bookshop, store, countless websites, in social networks, on television, and everywhere. The… Continue reading