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Responsible social media participation for Christians

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, you name it – can alienate you from God if you are not careful on what you do when you participate in these platforms. You must aim at remaining faithful and true to your calling of holiness and righteousness (Hebrews 12:14). There is no… Continue reading


Why is it important for Christians to participate in social networks and the Internet?

Just as the Bible says it, the devil is at work by all means. He knows that his time is limited (Revelation 12:12). He will make every effort to stop you from telling the truth, rebuking evil, sharing the gospel, encouraging good deeds, shunning all kinds of evil and devoting… Continue reading


Mechandizing the Gospel turns many away from the Grace of God

Church is a big business these days, Christians and everybody else know this for a fact. While Jesus is saddened by this, nobody seems to refrain from doing this. This comes from evolving church practices, normally called ‘modern Christianity, which is against the word of God that never changes (Matthew… Continue reading