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Pastors are not above God’s law but they also will be judged

Never should pastors take a position of altering that which God says in the Bible, even the slightest of such alterations. The temptation is often to adjust biblical context to our contemporary world. This is very wrong as the Bible says it clearly that God’s Word never changes. I have… Continue reading


The anatomy of the word ‘Righteousness’ according to Dr. Rev. Hleta

Doctor Osborn Hleta from the Assemblies of God Church in Swaziland has made an interesting anatomy of the word ‘righteousness’. In his message, he equals righteousness to holiness, as without both one cannot enter the Kingdom of God.


Ignorable yet Common Small Sins

There are common small sins that people tend to ignore, yet the Word of God is so pure and perfect, good enough to be the mirror for Christians from anywhere in the world. in fact, there is nothing like small sins because before God sin is simply going against His… Continue reading