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Money and Christians – Quick guiding tips to consider

We all know that money is a necessity for everyday living. The Bible says a lot about money. A quick search for the word ‘money’ in my SiSwati Bible brought 87 verses; combined both from the Old and the New Testament. There are common verses that people quote on money,… Continue reading


Why it is not wise for a Christian to watch secular television shows on Sunday

Sunday is a day most Christians chose to dedicate their time to God yet too few Christians are religious to this dedication. Many things have changed from when the Bible was compiled and so people now claim that Sunday is a day where one should only make time to fellowship… Continue reading


The Most Desired Prayer for all the Living – Psalms 119: 18

The prayer that every living person should say is ‘Open my eyes, so that I may see the wonderful truths in your law’. In the book of Psalms, this prayer is an individual prayer by David. In this instance, the Psalm is a prayer. However, sometimes a Psalm can be… Continue reading