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What have you done about the message of the Cross?

In this post I just want to bring it to your attention that the message of the Cross, that is, the message of Jesus Christ is calling all that hear it to action. In this post I shall use the two interchangeably. I do not know your position with Christ… Continue reading


God hates it when He speaks and we don’t listen

How many times has the Lord spoken to us and we turned a deaf ear? I know that if you are honest in your response you probably would say, ‘many times’. The book of Job confirms this in chapter 33:14 where it reads, “For God does speak–now one way, now… Continue reading


The Grace of God for all – Titus 2: 11 -12

Can a person be saved by living an upright life? Not at all. But the grace of God of salvation is open for all people and not only the Jews. Note that this grace is not specifically for other things like prosperity, healing or everything else but salvation. Getting these… Continue reading