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The short life we live in the world

How can we define the time we have in this world? How long is it? Why should we care whether it’s short or long? An attempt to explain the brief life we have in this world is what I will do in this post. There are things we see, do… Continue reading


What is human life according to the Bible?

It takes the Bible to define what human life is in an accurate way. The world has lots of definitions that wind up confusing but the Bible definition does not. It may not make sense to some people but the truth remains unchanging, whether people believe it or not. It… Continue reading


Which one is easier – Following Jesus or the devil?

All living people following either Jesus or the devil, there is no other option. This implies that eithists, people that believe in God but choose not to follow Christ and all other religions are the devil’s craftsmanship to deceive people to believe they are not following him. This includes neither… Continue reading