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To the one that says heaven and hell testimonies are a snare

There are so many testimonies of the revelations or spiritual visitations to heaven and hell in the internet. In fact the proper word to use to define the magnitude is ‘countless’. The internet is just one platform out of other countless published books, ebooks, audios and live sermons. So many… Continue reading


Those in hell have not tasted water ever since they died

I want to paint a picture of just one aspect of the condition in hell, ‘thirst’.  First of all, we Christians believe that hell exists and the conditions of hell are unbearable and its incumbents must unfortunately endure it eternally. Worse of all is that it takes one little error… Continue reading


Some rich people condemn themselves to hell, not Jesus

I once read a post online where someone was saying that Jesus Christ is condemning rich people to hell in the Bible. I guess this person was referring to two significant portions in the Bible where Jesus addressed this issue; Mark 10:25, ‘It is easier for a camel to go… Continue reading