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God does not hear you if you are a sinner – John 9:31

  God never hear sinners It is true that God does not hear you if you are a sinner, no matter how loud or the method you use in an attempt to talk to Him. It sounds rude but it is true. If you go to your Bible and check… Continue reading


The beauty of Children in Jesus Christ’s Eyes (Mark 10: 13 – 16; Psalms 8: 2)

  Jesus Christ values children and they are beautiful beyond measure before Him. Some people think of children as valueless, stupid, non-deserving of special attention and useless. Surprisingly, Jesus Christ himself honours and shows respect for children. He likes it when children participate in church. It is not a requirement… Continue reading


Ignorable yet Common Small Sins

There are common small sins that people tend to ignore, yet the Word of God is so pure and perfect, good enough to be the mirror for Christians from anywhere in the world. in fact, there is nothing like small sins because before God sin is simply going against His… Continue reading