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Holiness advocate on contradicting and confusing Holy Bible verses

I watched a number of videos where Muslim leaders pick contradicting, humanly rated ungodly declarations, confusing and supposedly unfair expectations / commandments in the Holy Bible. These issues are raised with the aim of discrediting Christianity and the Holy Bible with the intention to promote the Quran and Islam. This… Continue reading


What is human life according to the Bible?

It takes the Bible to define what human life is in an accurate way. The world has lots of definitions that wind up confusing but the Bible definition does not. It may not make sense to some people but the truth remains unchanging, whether people believe it or not. It… Continue reading


The Truth as a doctrine for Christians

The truth is not easy to define as some may think yet it is one of the major Christian doctrines that are highly compromised. However, comparing the truth with its direct contrast may shed some light into what it actually is. Error, lies and darkness are good examples of what… Continue reading