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Does God care for me if I’m sick and afflicted in many ways?

God loves everyone but some people may question His love when they live in pain and suffering. One form of pain that may lead people not to believe in God’s love for them is sickness. I know that there are those that live in dire poverty, in wars, and all… Continue reading


Jesus’ will for your health condition

People will have sickness attacks and some of such sicknesses are inherited from parents. Right as you read this articles, there are millions of people hospitalized and many others being nursed from their homes. One then could wonder what is the will of God about our sicknesses. You could have… Continue reading


Jesus loves a cheerful recipient of blessings – Matthew 9:2, 22

It is amazing to learn that Jesus gives cheerfully, loves a cheerful giver and also encourages cheerful recipient of blessings. The aspect of cheerfully receiving is often overlooked yet it standouts as on of the behaviors Jesus encouraged in some cases where He blessed someone with healing. To be cheerful… Continue reading