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Don’t ever say you do not believe in the Bible

The consequences of the words we speak often go beyond what we can imagine sometimes. I wish to remind everyone who happens to read this article and later on I will explain why I say, ‘Never ever declare with your mouth that you do not believe the Bible‘. Don’t do… Continue reading


Why should you care if God is angry with you?

God is angry at people that live in sin and this is a daily thing. This is declared by David in the book of Psalm 5:5. For a long time I had been under the misconception that God hates sin but loves the sinner but after seeing these verses, I… Continue reading


Why we believe that the Bible is God’s word

The Bible has long been declared to be the infallible word of God by those that have gone before us and we have adopted that as a true declaration. I have been sensitized to write this post after having watched a video on YouTube where someone is giving his reasons… Continue reading