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5 requirements for pushing yourself to do the will of God

Doing the right thing is easy but doing and keeping at doing God’s will is not easy unless there is an effort from your side and from ‘SOME’ spiritual power. People would wonder why the trouble trying to do what does not come naturally. Why does God likes for us… Continue reading


Which one is easier – Following Jesus or the devil?

All living people following either Jesus or the devil, there is no other option. This implies that eithists, people that believe in God but choose not to follow Christ and all other religions are the devil’s craftsmanship to deceive people to believe they are not following him. This includes neither… Continue reading


Encouraging Good Christian conduct at home and in the Community – 1 Corinthians 4:1

This being the first post of a long journey of preaching holiness to the world, it would be good to start with the expected Christian conduct from each of the believers as they interact with the world in all their circles and communities. Christians should be known by their conduct at… Continue reading