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Is it God or the devil who tells the time to die?

People die in in their numbers every minute and apparently that is the way it is. There are even calculated estimates on the number of deaths around the world. There is a website by the name worldbirthsanddeaths.com that simulates the number of deaths and I really believe it indicates a… Continue reading


6 reasons why it is dangerous to take chances with sin

The Bible teaches everyone about sin and how it is such an abomination to God. Even when you don’t care about Christianity but you must at least know that God cannot tolerate sin. Therefore, each time you commit any kind of sin, whether you do it intentionally or due to… Continue reading


Does God number our days or we die due to our negligence?

Does it count how we safeguard our lives, practice healthy living and other cautious measures to be safe from death or it solely depends on the number of days God has set for each one of us? Does God need a thug, an accident or anything unnatural to fulfill His… Continue reading