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Does God number our days or we die due to our negligence?

Head-on Car AccidentDoes it count how we safeguard our lives, practice healthy living and other cautious measures to be safe from death or it solely depends on the number of days God has set for each one of us? Does God need a thug, an accident or anything unnatural to fulfill His word of having numbered the days of the living? I will give the answer later in this post.

I will unpack some verses and add some thoughts I collected when discussing the demise of a husband to one of our church mothers that was killed by a thug in about five years ago. The question this woman had was as already highlighted in the opening paragraph.

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Jesus, the last days and the narrow way

narrow way and last days combination2Jesus Christ understands it; His Church, the Christians are in a deep plunge of hardship in that they are caught between two hard surfaces ‘Living under pressures of the last days and working at walking the narrow road’ that very few find and walk on it. He is ready and willing to support His chosen to overcome, but only if they trust Him and give Him the chance to guide and lead them.

On 16th February 2015, I was given an assignment by my pastor to give a short sermon in our Wednesday prayer service. I was led and guided to this subject and I got to learn a lot about the times we live in today. Jesus Christ taught us about these times and confirmed they will not be in any way easy days. In Matthew 24:25 Jesus says, ‘See, I have told you beforehand’ and 1 Thessalonians 5:2 Paul confirms that this will come just before the unknown day of the Lord comes. Continue reading


A thought on those that died 24 hours ago and those to die 24 hours on

It has been confirmed that death is a continuous occurrence. Countless numbers cross over to the other side of life each day and no man nor anyone can stop it. The World Death Clock Website gives an idea. Its a given, people will continue to die and the big question is, ‘What happens on the other side of life?’ The Bible also asks this question in the book of Job 27:8, ‘what is the hope of a hypocrite, though he may gain much, If God takes away his life?’ We cannot ignore thinking about death as we know that one day we all shall die (Ecclesiastes 9:5).

I’m reminded of people of great popularity that died during my time. These include politicians, celebrities, church leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, and people from every other profession you can think of. A quick thought bring to mind Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Whithey Houston, Brenda Fassie, Vuyo Mokoena, Miles Monroe, and recently Andrea Crouch. You know many others too. They all responded to the call of death. I lost both my parents and a brother also. I would have post their photos freely here but you would not know who they are. I will die too. I’m not being insensitive but am telling the truth which will not change even if I don’t post on this issue.

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