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Attainment of Salvation is a Must

The word salvation comes from the word save. Christians claim to be saved but really is such salvation guaranteed? Not at all, only the ones that endure to the end shall be saved (Matthew 24:23). Until then, nobody is saved yet it’s an acceptable claim to be saved because it… Continue reading


The Required Cutting Edge Gospel of Jesus Christ

Cutting Edge Christianity I know that the Church require the cutting edge Gospel of Jesus Christ at all times. There is not a second in life that a Christian should live outside the requirements of the cutting edge Christianity. It is not expected to be a comfortable agenda and if… Continue reading


Living a Holy Life does not mean living Outside the World

All people are called by God to live a holy life but it does not mean that they must exit the world to live in some space of their own. For that reason, you will notice that the holy Christians also identify with the following life reality issues: