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A word of encouragement to preach the true Gospel

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached all over yet there are so many doctrines that are contradicting each other. Often this is not intentional but results from misinterpreting what the Bible teaches. It is common to hear Christians discussing one topic but coming out with different ways of practicing it. The easier route out is often largely adopted and it normally is the one that prevails. The harder route is abandoned yet Jesus Christ Himself clearly stated that the gate that leads to life is very narrow. The sad this is that He went on to say that ‘many will try to find it but very few find it’.

Every believer should be clear on what the Bible teaches. It calls for critical Bible study, research and praying. Each verse of the Bible has been inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16). This means that for every Bible verses is God owned. Thus He won’t let any return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11). I know that this may give some readers the impression that I am brain washed to believe in the Bible in this fashion. I have written a full article on why we believe that the Bible is God’s word. Continue reading


A man a thousand years in hell speaks

Standing at the Gates of HellThis one fact cannot be disputed. ‘Someone in hell has been there for more than a thousand years’. In fact, not one person but billions of them. I believe that hell exists because I believe that Jesus is real. Jesus was not a made up concept to manipulate people like many other people say, but He is God’s son. I’m even disappointed at those that have left the way of Christ and opted for atheism such as Hill and other religions.

Whatever Jesus said is true and He alone knows exactly what the afterlife entails. A person already in heaven or hell does not know as much about the place he dwells in more that Jesus does.

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