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Encouraging Good Christian conduct at home and in the Community – 1 Corinthians 4:1

eclectic- VIPs in churchThis being the first post of a long journey of preaching holiness to the world, it would be good to start with the expected Christian conduct from each of the believers as they interact with the world in all their circles and communities.

Christians should be known by their conduct at their homes, family and in the community. Worship should be part of a Christian’s lifestyle. The Christian can know the secrets of God’s kingdom that Jesus shares in secrete with him or her (Matthew 10:27). Such secretes Jesus encourages the Christian to share them openly with the world. The New Living Translation says such secretes should be shares when daybreak comes. No wonder there is so much revelations from Jesus shared in many ways with the world today. These testimonies are in order and they are the will of Jesus and surely the will of God the Father.

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