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Corporal punishment, the Christian and what the Bible teaches

Corporal punishment may not be heard of in many parts of the world because it is banned and practicing it is often punishable by law. It defined as physical punishment (physical discipline) intended to cause physical pain on a person. It is usually inflicted in settings with a substantial disparity… Continue reading


Defining a disobedient Christian

The first thing I want to address is disobedience in the Christian sense. Disobedience can only be relevant when one knows about the omission or commission s/he has made or makes. The Christian that knows the will of God for a particular situation but decides to take the opposite action… Continue reading


Holiness is Preparation for Heaven and it Matters for Saints

My revelation on why we should be holy while living in this world point to the fact that being holy prepares one for heaven. Heaven in its nature is a holy place and those that want to dwell in it must therefore be holy.