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The required standard of Holiness, Righteousness and Truth is too high but should be met

The truth of the matter is as declared by David that if God were to mark our transgressions, nobody would stand (Psalm 130:3). However, the Lord God is just to judge fairly and that is what makes the standard of holiness, righteousness and truth be a required effort for everyone… Continue reading


The solution is an encounter with Jesus Christ for Muslims

Islam religion is newer than Christianity, Iā€™m sure no one disputes that. We are told Islam came about through a vision shown to the prophet Muhammed. Thus the prophet Muhammed is understood to be the latter prophet from Allah (not God as defined by Christians). It means that the prophet… Continue reading


The Grace of God for all ā€“ Titus 2: 11 -12

Can a person be saved by living an upright life? Not at all. But the grace of God of salvation is open for all people and not only the Jews. Note that this grace is not specifically for other things like prosperity, healing or everything else but salvation. Getting these… Continue reading