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Dishonest gain, Corruption and all sins shall not go unpunished

I write this article to comfort the child of God who works at pleasing God at all cost yet he or she still feels like God is not taking up on those that benefit from sinful practices. Such people may even ridicule, mock and make all sorts of negative comments… Continue reading


Understanding eternity – an attempted explanation

It is very difficult to understand and clearly explain what eternity is unless you experience it. I have not experienced it yet but I know that one day I will enter into it. I thank God that the Bible is always at my disposal to teach me about it. nevertheless,… Continue reading


Harsh punishments from God of Christians to His people

The entire Bible is God-breathed to teach, rebuke, correct and train in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16). If you have taken time to read the Bible, you will know that God puts some commandments that are very demanding to the average human yet they should be observed by all means. Among… Continue reading