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The Unconditional Love of God for People – John 3:16

The key verse of the Bible is John 3:16 because it defines who the God of the Bible is. From the book of Genesis to Revelations, the common theme is the love of God for people.In the Old Testament, God’s love is demonstrated in many sections. One example is detailed… Continue reading


The Mercy of God for Us – 2 Corinthians 4: 1- 2

Mercy has full meaning if you understand your initial position before mercy was shown for you. You never work to receive mercy but you are given freely. It is important for every believer to know that we are saved today because of God’s grace. The ministry of the Gospel is… Continue reading


God and Jesus’ CV

A curriculum vitae is an earthly definition of ones work experience, education background and skills. God has His but it excludes education because He is the all-knowing God yet I can cover a lot on His work and skills. God and Jesus CV may have a lot of similarities but… Continue reading