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Why do Christians also make expensive mistakes like everybody else if God is their Father?

The world knows that making mistakes is human yet we also know that according to Psalm 37:23 Christian’s steps are ordered by God. Therefore, whatever happens to a Christian, God must have allowed for it to happen. Then the question arises, ‘why do Christians find themselves having made terrible and… Continue reading


Sin is a voluntery decision as exponded by Pastor B Mavuso

I cannot agree more with Pastor B Mavuso from Ezulwini Evangelical church when he reiterated in a main service on Sunday that sin is a voluntary decision. Sin is a decision one makes to cautiously go against God’s will. Mavuso referenced the scriptures in Matthew 1 verse 21 where the… Continue reading


Living a Double Life is Near You

Jesus does not tolerate people that live a double life and if you hope to see it far from you, take a close look and you might get a shock of your life to realize that you could be a culprit.