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Dealing with the pain of losing a loved one at their prime age (Part 1)

Pain is part of life yet it is undesirable by all means. Naturally, pain should be avoided even when it means losing some resources such as money and time. Everything else stops to give way to means of managing or eliminating pain where possible.

Pain must be controlled because if it is not, it can have serious consequences to its victims. The good thing is that the Bible records instances of pain experienced by some of Bible icons such as Job and David. Through their experiences, we learn how God helped them deal with their pain, which helps us understand how we also can deal with our pain.

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We wouldn’t sin if we knew the pain it causes God

Sin and temptation, pull the plug to deal with them.

Sin and temptation, pull the plug to deal with them.

God feels pain to see His creation go against His will, plan and command. The pain that God feels when we sin is so unbearable yet we continue to sin without considering this fact. There are no earthly words to explain His pain from seeing people sin. Remember that He sacrificed His only son for the remission of sin and no father would do such unless it really matters.
Be reminded that God is holy, Jesus is holy, His angels are holy and Heaven is holy. He surely cannot tolerate any unholy thing. In this post I will attempt to express the pain He feels about sin in man. You will know that God does not hate man but the sin in man and He expects man to have that quality as well, ‘hating the sin and not the sinner’. God is in control of everything in the world but He cannot force His way into mans will. He gave man absolute power on will yet He calls all man to yield to His will.
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